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Joe threw up the other day.  I will right now.  No, my stomach isn’t upset.  I don’t feel ill at all.  I mean, I can’t put together a coherent post for you today.  Rather, I have been spread so thin this week that I am simply going to throw up a bunch of random things that have come my way recently…for no (or perhaps many) reason(s).

1.  A snort.  I spoke recently and quoted John 11 where it says that, “Jesus wept.”  I added, “He wept with (so and so)…He weeps with you now.”  A woman snorted…loudly.  Well, I guess she begs to differ.  I’ve had a few “Amens” over the years, never a snort.

2.  After Trey was diagnosed, on the eve of his first surgery to put in his “crayons” (permanent IV line) Joe and Bella were throwing up at home.  Rachel and Trey were at the hospital, Joe and Bella were sick, I was cleaning up vomit.  Earlier this week, Rachel and Trey were on their way to Philly’s Childrens hospital, Joe was home throwing up, I was cleaning it up…weird.

3.  A doctor in Philly said (after reading his file) that Trey seemed like a resilient kid.  Yeah, and the sun seems to be bright.

4.  I love to announce/DJ basketball games.  Penn Hills is hosting a Quad A boys quarterfinal double header tomorrow.  I’m excited.

5.  Trey is so manic right now I may just hug the crap out of him…or hit him with a frying pan.  He just said to me, “Daddy, daddy, dad, dad, dad, where do you want to go with me later?   You have two choices.  Are you listening daddy?  You have two choices.  Target or Toys R Us?  Which one, which one, which one WHIIIIIIIICCCHHHH ONE?”  He then went upstairs, took his pant off and put on shorts.  He just kicked them off and stated, “Nope.  No pants, no pants at all.”

6.  I used to love the Olympics.

7.  Sleep is a fickle thing.

8.  Sleeping while the rain is gently (or heavily for matter) falling is an awesome thing.

9.  Getting out of bed in those same times is very, very sad.

10. It is mandatory at a military funeral to tear and/or cry.

11.  It occurred to me at a recent military funeral that Trey will never get to serve in the military.

12.  Trey  has been calling me blah blah all day today, “Hi Blah blah.”

13. The worst part of listening to 93.7 The Fan is listening to the fans when they call in.

14.  Actually the worst thing is the midday pairing of Cook and Poni.  Just can’t stand the negative acerbic and dismissive tone.  “Don’t listen then” you say.  Well, I don’t.

15. The meat slicer I got for Christmas is by far the best gift I’ve received in quite some time.

16.  Trey is screaming everything now.

17.  We could have been on the floor for THON this weekend.  We chose not to.  Given the fragile physical and emotional nature of my family at this point I’m amazed at how brilliant of a decision this was.

18. Trey just “tooted” real loud.

19.  I don’t care who you are.  When someone poops and you wipe their bum and they say, “Thank you Blah Blah” it’s simply condescending.

20.  Trey just tooted again, screamed, and ran out of the room.  Not out of pain or unplanned pooping.  Just screaming…now he’s in the fridge.  Not looking in it, he’s in it.  Gotta go.

21.  I’m back, he’s fine.  He was just getting shredded cheese to eat and spew everywhere.

22.  Johnny Weir just told Dora, “A little sparkle never hurts.”  I suppose he’s never had glitter in his eye.

23.  If I owned a food truck I would pull up outside PH gymnasium tomorrow at 11:30.  You’ll make a boatload.  2,000 people for one snack bar (awesome as it is) will just not get it done.

24. Now he wants to go to Tuesday Mornings (a store in Penn Center).  How many 5 year olds even know about that store let alone torture their father about going there?  Oh wait, if I’m not good I can’t go with him he says.

25.  If I close my eyes I immediately fall asleep.  That’s ok right?


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