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There’s been a lot going on…

  1. So, my dad is in the hospital again.  He’s got a blood infection but we caught it early.
  2. Thanks for praying for him and my family…for years.
  3. It is incredible the flashbacks (to the Trey days) one has being here again and again.
  4. Adam Carolla says to his employees, “I don’t want you to do your best, do MY best.”
  5. When people say, “I did my best”, it’s never after an accomplishment.
  6. Calabrian peppers are really salty, but delicious.
  7. The online version of Microsoft Word has a new grammar correction thingy that’s driving me nuts.
  8. On the one hand Joe and Bella were just babies the other day. Where did the time go?
  9. On the other hand, my dad is still 38 years older than me…that’s a lot of life.
  10. Dad’s nurse is Rose. Trey’s main nurse’s name was Rose…stop it.
  11. This season of Survivor has been really good.
  12. Blindspot and The Blacklist are amazing shows as well, great fall finale’s.
  13. I would like to be at the beach right now…or anytime for that matter.
  14. It’s funny how when things are hard, I’m more committed to helping others.
  15. Even though I love the crassness of #4, realizing exactly what people are capable of is very important to your relationship with them.
  16. Knowing someone else’s story is so vital to being able to accept their behavior when it affects you negatively.
  17. One lesson I’ve learned is that people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, experiences, etc. have much more in common relationally than I would have ever thought.
  18. Our biggest fish in our pond died. He made it 4 winters at least.
  19. He leaves behind several smaller ones to take his place.
  20. When your father’s nurse knocks over his pitcher of water and you say, “Better than that other pitcher!” You would expect just a little chuckle.
  21. I am very thankful to the officer who pulled me over, and let me go, when I was on my way to see my dad in the hospital last night at midnight.
  22. Joe used to be afraid of mascots…he still doesn’t love them mind you.
  23. Going to catch up on a little sleep (overnighters in the hospital take something out of you) and make a longer post next week.

Thanks as always.

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