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This just in.  Rachel and I have been through a lot.  One thing we hear a ton is, “Your guys’ faith…”  In a quiet moment when Rachel and I are talking we have said, “Do you feel like we have a lot of faith?”  We always agree that, in fact, we don’t.  Yet, we simply cannot ignore how many people not only think of us as extremely faithful but are nearly in awe of our faith.  We’ve looked at it as some sort of faith grading curve and shrug and say, “I guess so.”

So, we are faithful.  Yeah, we’ve been through a continuing tragic assault on peace in our lives, we’ve had any sense of security ripped from us, yet we have faith.  We not only don’t blame God, we seek Him.  We are not angry at Him but grateful that He would use us for so much good (encouraging others, comforting others, inspiring some).  We don’t attribute our pain as from Him yet seek His comfort through others, and receive it.

I suppose the extreme cynic would say, “They are so brainwashed and pathetic.”  Well, to themselves they say that.  Man, to say that out loud or online would be a feat of incredible bravado and insensitivity.  Anyhow, others less horrifically jaded may think, “How sad that they just hold on to their religion in these times.”

However, I do believe that the bulk of you really believe that we have a lot of faith…and we will allow that in fact we do.  However however (duplicity intended) I want to make something abundantly clear.  Do not give us credit.  Further, do not compare your “lack of faith” (your words, not mine) to ours at all.

You see, faith in and of itself is a gift from God.  You don’t earn it, you don’t exercise it, you simply are given it and receive it.  Typically, this is only used to describe a faith in God through Jesus that saves us from a life separated from Him and saves one from eternal damnation (hell).  However, I cannot begin to tell you that our continued faith in Him is any different.  It is only because He loves us and is helping us through this that we have the faith that we do.

I can look back and see the number of things in my life where my faith in Him was increased.  Each time, set back by set back, hurt by hurt, life has come at me in many strong ways.  Each time however, I got through it.  Each time it took more faith.  Each time I received said faith and was able to survive and fight another day.  Perhaps had this happened much earlier in life I/we wouldn’t have handled it as well.  Who’s to say?  Doesn’t really matter does it?

One of my favorite scripture verses is 1Peter3: 15 which states:

15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…

It is only Him that gets us through this, it is how He uses so many of you to love us through these times that enables us to go another day.  He has used some of you who do not “know Him” as Lord and Savior to bless us the most.  It is to you that I want to say one last thing.

It would mean the world to us that you might take a good look at Him.  Don’t look at those who have turned you off so.  Don’t look at how you were or weren’t raised, just look at Him.  He has given us this faith.  He has surrounded us through so many others, with love, comfort, support, and encouragement.  You can have that too.  You can have that same gift of faith and more.

Just don’t give us the credit…it was Him all along.


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