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  1.  Can we stop saying “fake news” and just go with the fact that it’s all “biased news?”
  2.   I’ve been watching Survivor again, it’s really good…although producer manipulated.
  3.   I’ve always watched Amazing Race…great show ALWAYS.
  4.   A trick of those in control is to get the public to not believe anything they hear.
  5.   “They” are doing a very good job of that.
  6.   Right now most people believe roughly half of what they hear/read/see, in regards to “news.”
  7.   I’m always amazed at how much older kids on stage seem to be.
  8.   I’ve been making sweet potato chips.
  9.   Believe it or not the microwave so far has produced the best most evenly cooked chips.
  10.   I wonder if a food dehydrator would work…or be the least bit cost effective.
  11.   What about an “air fryer?”
  12.   After my last list, a couple of friends of mine gave me their 12″ cast iron skillets.
  13.   Several of my closest friends then gave me a 17″ skillet…it’s HUGE, barely fits in the oven!
  14.   I met a guy while waiting for my car to get worked on.  We talked for over an hour.
  15.   It was one of those, “I want it to be over…but I’m loving this” kind of things.
  16.   We talked about life, politics, business, and mostly faith.
  17.   As he got on his motorcycle to leave he said, “I wise Hebrew once said…Do not forget to show      hospitality to strangers, you may have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”
  18.   We have a frog in our pond that has lasted two winters.  He is HUGE.
  19.   We just added 5 tadpoles.  I hope he plays nice with them.
  20.   I just finished watching the last two seasons of Frasier.  Man that was an uncomfortable show.
  21.   It’s really an experience following someone else’s journey of having a child with cancer.
  22.   There is an all too familiar feeling to it and yet a burning desire to help…and you can’t.
  23.   There will be a day when I golf, a lot, again.  It doesn’t seem to be soon though.
  24.   It’s amazing how I yearn for warm weather and being outside.
  25.   It’s amazing how quickly I forget how fast grass grows.
  26.   What to plant this year?  What indeed.
  27.   I still wonder what the long term impact of losing Trey will have on Bella and Joe.
  28.   I wonder the same for Rachel and myself.
  29.   I am further convinced that this life is about surviving your trials and helping others with theirs.
  30.   There will be a day when we can be in heaven and all things will be beyond ok.
  31.   It’s important to spend as much time thinking/praying/loving others rather than yourself.
  32.   It is equally as important to spend SOME time focusing on yourself and your hurts.
  33.   The benefit of the doubt is rare in these days, primarily due to #’s 31 & 32.
  34.   Hey it’s sunny!  Oh, it’s raining.  Hey it’s sunny!  I love spring.
  35.   This years Penn Hills Baccalaureate service will include a community choir with anyone able to sing.
  36.   The more I cook, I find that there are flavors that I just don’t like very much.
  37.   I really really wish I could eat Cilantro but I’m one of the 10% for whom it tastes like soap.
  38.   I’m thinking of cooking with fennel.
  39.   I just can’t get the handle on fish sauce.
  40.   I’m not saying I was eating a lot of tortilla chips but I stopped over week ago and I’m down 6lbs.
  41.   I’m not really sure but I think that Bella is growing up.
  42.   I have a lot of faith…however that frightens the crap out of me.
  43.   I’d like to travel more.
  44.   When I was younger I wanted to travel to golf.  Now I want to travel to eat…and golf.
  45.   Rachel is undertaking the organization of our office and storage loft…again.  Pray for us, me.
  46.   This season’s The Ultimate Fighter is about redemption.  It’s really moving.
  47.   With the play and Odyssey of the Mind being over it’s nice having the kids at home after school.
  48.   My dad used to garden my flowers in my yard.  I may just cement it.  Just kidding Rachel.
  49.   The percentage of landline calls that we get that are real calls is probably 5%
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