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It’s been an active but not so out of the ordinary past 18 hours for the Mitlo family.  Bella got her hair done AND EARS PIERCED by one of our most staunch and solid supporters/friend (thank you Kelly Anker!!!), Joe is super ready to hang out with Uncle  Tommy this evening.  Rachel got her hair all cut off (well, 3 or 4 inches totaling 25lbs.).  I sat through 3 hours of “mandated reporter” training, “What’s the number for Childline?  Ok. I’m good.”  Oh, and Trey?  He’ at school for PICTURE DAY!!!  The boy was super excited.

Granted, the “never far” thoughts are still there.  Either late last night or early this morning I was thinking, “It is all too surreal.”  I wondered if I was overall in my “right mind” or in some super crazy denial even though I am careful to feel and not slip into detachment (you know, that kind of loop).  I had some weird dreams (I always do), got up and took the kids to school, paid some bills, and listened to the DVE morning show on Iheartradio (kids at school, Rachel working out).

First of all, the DVE morning show has been all over the Rob Ford mayor of Toronto thing.  I can listen to them apply it to almost every story and laugh each and every time.

Then, the moment of all moments happened.  Scrolling through facebook, I came across a link.  I barely ever click on them for fear of a thousand virus’.  I am so ever grateful that I clicked on this one.  Please, click here and listen (and I know I’m setting the bar high) to one of the most enjoyable 2 minutes of your entire day/week or even month.

There are moments like these that just help us get through a day.


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