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The other day Trey had a permanent port put into his chest.  He used to have one called a Broviac that had two lines coming out of his chest.  It was very useful but had to stay sterile and thus he could never get wet.  So, this summer, we had it removed and just went with getting an IV put in his arm each week (as his need for two lines was no longer as per treatment changes).  The surgery to put in his port was, in fact, surgery but altogether no big deal.  The surgeon did say afterwards, “He’ll be pretty sore as I dug my finger into his soft tissue in his upper chest to make room for the port.”  Yeah, he said that.  Guh!  That even made the bottom of MY spine tingle I get squeamish over very little.  All that being said, we had to give him Tylenol twice that day and chose to give it to him once (though he didn’t ask for it) the next day.  On the third day I asked him how his chest felt.  He said, “it hurts.”  I asked him why he didn’t ask for Tylenol and he shrugged and ran away.  Yes, Young Warrior indeed.

As usual, a prayer guide from the gifted Cathy Muscara.

Trey Tuesday – November 13, 2012

Pray again!
Be honest with yourself….
What just went through your head/heart/stomach when you read those words?
A heavy sigh as you now realize what you forgot to do this morning?
A major guilt trip from a long lost habit or relationship?
Dread for the drudgery you feel at the Thanksgiving family dinner table?
Fear of the unknown?
Or are you like Trey?
Jay wrote a few weeks ago:
Tuesday afternoon – I just put Trey down for his nap and prayed for him…as always. Before I was done he said “pray again.” So I did. I thanked God that so many people pray for him, that so many people love him.
I can just imagine the warm, fuzzy setting….
Trey trusting Jay trusting God.
Like a comforting back rub when you can’t lift one more muscle…
Like the relief of finally making it home after a long day…
Like the warmth of a genuine hug…
Like a reunion with a long lost friend….
Trey sighs…”Do it again, Daddy…”
It’s that simple.
This Trey Tuesday as we pray for Trey, try it.
Pray again!
“Day and night they never stop saying: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.”
Revelation 4:8
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