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Trey has gone through a bit of a…a…turn?  A bump in the road?  A maddening, unexpected period of not sleeping, eating less, and leaving Rachel and I wondering what is going on?  Yes.  That would be it.  Anyhow, we have tried all the different sleep tricks and ended up figuring that it was one of two things (or both).  It was either physical (cancer spreading, goretex patch on his aorta pinching his aorta now that he has grown since his surgery, simple growing pains) or spiritual (it all started the weekend I started as Pastor of Faith Community Church) and again, probably both.

In the process we were in communication with our Oncologist who was pretty confident that it was not the patch but that we should just give him some Melatonin to help him fall asleep.  We have a bunch of scans set for next week so there was no need to rush him in now (yeah, easy for his sleepy sleep self to say).  As it is, he did say that it was probably the cancer growing and causing him discomfort in some way shape or form.  We are (pending the scan results) going to have him go to Philly in two weeks for an intense radiation treatment that should…could keep the cancer in check for a while at least (maybe).  Even though we have danced this dance for 3 and a half years now it is still hard to hear, “the cancer is spreading” or “it’s probably the cancer.”  As we always do we posted in our “Pray (and more) for Trey” page and shared our news and pain with the group.

Two comments hit me when I read them.  It is incredible which ones move me.  One person just wrote “praying” or something like that.  However, they have shared with me in the past how much they have been impacted (in good and really sad ways) by our journey.  This is someone I have known for a long time but don’t associate with very often at all (outside of Trey we most likely wouldn’t be communicating at all).  They had once mentioned weeping to a friend about our trials.  When I read that they had commented (again, ever so briefly) I immediately teared up and felt so touched.  I told Rachel how moved I was and how random that is.  No less than 20 minutes later this person private messaged me for the first time in almost 2 years!  The other comment was a person that again is a long time friend but someone we haven’t seen in years.  They comment often but not at length.  Their comment consisted of, “This makes me sad.  Praying.” or something to that effect.  I  immediately cried when I read this.

You see, as I have said before many times (search anything comfort related on this site), it’s joining someone in their feelings when comfort can be attached.  To know that someone cares about you, that they literally feel FOR you, is an incredible thing.  Combine both revelations through both comments and you can see how God knows your needs (especially but not limited to your emotional needs) and will meet them through His people, if they are willing to be used by Him (and often times without their knowledge that they are being used).

Now, that being said, Trey (with a doubling of the melatonin and dose of motrin with a side of complete exhaustion perhaps) did miraculously sleep through the night.  On the other hand we just got a message from his school saying that he was listless and crying for us so Rachel just went to go get him.

We thank ALL of you for all of your comments/prayers/thoughts/and action.  We do all have our stories and are all going through something.  Life isn’t easy and no one gets out alive.  Love someone today, join them in their emotion.

Read and pray…if you so choose.


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