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Too many things going on in my head and life to pick one so here goes.

1.  Today was Joe and Bella’s last day of school.

2.  Trey already had his.

3.  That doesn’t make us as sad as you might think.

4.  Next year we will not have any kids in the elementary school (well, that escalated quickly).

5.  Out of nowhere, Bella kicked Joe the other day.

6.  I/we decided that as a punishment she has to give him $10 (she saves her money and it means an awful lot to her).

7.  We figured if we just did the typical “no screens for x amount of time” Joe did not receive any remuneration for his pain (he really was minding his own business).

8.  Yes, if I were Joe I were Joe I would be trying to find ways to get Bella to hurt me without being obvious about it.

9.  Joe is a nicer boy than I ever was.

10.  A local Pastor asked me how things were going at the church.  After I told him that things were great he commented, “Now you know what it’s like to be in real ministry.”  #condescendmuch?

11.  I kicked him hard and gave him $10 #seewhatididthere?

12.  If things don’t change we are going to Kennywood next week.  Should be interesting.

13.  We are going away in July on vacation.

14.  It will interesting to see how that goes without Trey.

15.  Since I’m “off of” pop entirely now and almost caffeine free, my next targets is ranch dressing…and to a degree lowering my sodium (too much hot sauce…s).

16.  No doctor has told me to do this, I just figure that it would be better for me, in both cases.

17.  The day after I kind of decided that, I had a salad (ranch) and hot wings (chock full of sodium…aaand ranch).  Atta boy.

18.  The toy in the picture above was the last toy Trey played with in my car.  I keep it there in the seat beside me, just because.

19.  Having looked at it, it’s really a crappy little toy.

20.  I do miss him.

21.  Rachel is uncomfortable knowing that I acknowledge men I don’t know (passing them on my way in or out of a store, that kind of thing) with a head nod and by occasionally saying, “My man!”

22.  The other day I nodded at but didn’t say anything to an older but not old African American man.  He said to me, “What’s up baby!”

23.  I could never pull that off.

24.  I love it when old people pass me when I’m driving (not you kind of old but like “not on the computer”kind of old).

25. If you are really speeding, regardless of age, you may not honk at me if I’m pulling out of my street and can’t see you coming.

26.  The grit and grind of every day life is hard and really very rewarding.

27.  I was blessed to do a funeral today.  They are always hard.

28.  I don’t mean hard as in emotional but it’s just a clunky service that I am not “good” or “experienced” at yet.

29.  I do however always feel blessed and honored to be able to mourn with and for others, but you knew that.

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