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Yep, time for a list.

  1.  We have officially launched our new podcast “Lunchtime In Rome.” 
  2. While the sound quality is not great YET (we are working on that and will be adding better equipment as we add shows/listeners/benchmarks) it was exactly what we had hoped for.
  3. The Steelers are so bad that they almost gave a self seeking guy like Le’veon Bell a huge contract these past two seasons.
  4.  The Steelers are so good that they lead their division and are a Super Bowl contender with over $19 million under the salary cap.
  5. You can look at things however you’d like and find evidence to support your beliefs.
  6. Confirmation Bias is a term for what I described in #3.
  7. It’s almost like life is on one screen yet we are all watching two different movies.
  8.  I am amazed at how much this is true.
  9.  The enemy is great at distorting truth and clouding it with our bias and desires.
  10.  That’s why I am so passionate about simply loving people.  That can’t be clouded.
  11.  If you think that you are not judgmental, how do you feel about judgmental people?
  12.  I really hope that we get a bunch of guys to come out for our volleyball team this year.
  13.  Once you start watching The Office, you are committed to watching the entire series.
  14.  I would like to golf more next summer.
  15.  I’ve heard it said that time seems to move faster when you get older because each year is 1/your age, as you get older the number gets smaller.  Math huh?
  16. Rachel and I are watching and loving “A Million Things.”  It’s incredible.
  17. I am so excited about our podcast.
  18. I am following these podcasts: No Agenda, Adam & Dr. Drew, Erwin McManus, No Excuses, The Place We Find Ourselves, and others.
  19. Our podcast is not be like any of them.
  20. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing.  Let’s go with a good thing.
  21. When I was Joe’s age I went to my first concert at Three Rivers Stadium (U2).
  22. There isn’t much to that last point, just amazes me a bit.
  23. I’ll be teaching him how to drive soon
  24. I told him that I wouldn’t consider teaching him until he studies for his permit.
  25. I didn’t guarantee him that I WOULD teach him then, just that I wouldn’t consider it UNTIL he studied.
  26. I hope he’s as a good of a student of driving as he is volleyball.
  27. I also hope he’s better at driving than he is at volleyball.
  28. Bella and her phone…sheesh.
  29. I mean, I’m sure others struggle and have it worse but it is a battle at times.
  30. I grieve for the lack of creativity that phones/social media is robbing of our future generations.
  31. I’ve said something that has made me sound older than that last point, but I can’t think of any.
  32. I listen online to an amazing Pastor who leads an incredible ministry.
  33. I think I have matured as I realize and appreciate that I preach waaaaayyyyy differently, and that’s ok.
  34. I prefer to have 80% or so of my sermons simply be the scripture, the rest is me explaining and applying.
  35. I used to carry a beeper…how funny is that?
  36. Whenever Rachel would need me to call her, she would enter 1/17/97 the day we met….how cute.
  37. I would tell others to enter their number and then 511 (if I should call whenever), 711 (If I should call asap) and 911 (if it was an emergency).
  38. Someone I and many of you know would ALWAYS type 911, can you guess who?
  39. Please listen to our podcast, join us.
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