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It was two years ago.  Trey’s surgery had gone incredibly wrong.  He had almost died on the table, lost a kidney and was in danger of losing the other one, was facing a possibility of paralysis and in the ICU.  He then spent 10 days in ICU (5 in a sedated coma), 6 more days in a normal room, and was sent home.  One month later at a kidney check up it was revealed that he had a collapsed lung, a complication from the surgery.  So, he was inpatient during that years’  WDVE Radiothon and up on the 9th floor while the radiaothon was going on 3 floors below.

I remember walking out and looking down at all that was going on and thinking, “Nobody wants to hear my story.”  My son was now deemed terminal, he was on a ZERO (not low…ZERO) fat diet due to the collapsed lung and was miserable, and we had no idea when we could leave.

Two years later, this past Friday, I found out that I was wrong.  Somebody did want to hear my story.  In fact, it was the folks at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the people at WDVE that had me as a guest on the air during their Radiothon fundraiser to tell our story.  What a morning it was.

I knew going in that my “job” was to lift up the hospital and to get people to give.  I knew that I was to tell “Trey’s story” which would, in part, accomplish that first responsibility.    I had one another motivation that morning.  That was to let the folks on the show know how much they meant to me and to encourage them.  many a day it was where I would be down and out, grumpy and tired and hear them joke about something inane and not even all that intentionally funny and I would find myself in stitches.  Literally, it would change my entire mood.  I can’t imagine how much it must blow to get up at 3:30 a.m. to be on the air by 6 in the freezing cold of winter for whatever they get paid.  I wanted them to know that their job was very important (not that they didn’t already know this but I wanted to make sure) to at least me…and people like me.  Lastly, I love to speak (shocker) and love to be “on” and in the moment.  Being live on the air on the DVE morning show is about as “on” as you can get.

So on Friday I got there in plenty of time.  I did my rounds past the greeter and the security (I thanked them as usual because no one ever does) and headed up to the 6th floor.  I checked in, met my contact with the hospital who got me in touch with the producer, signed away my legal rights to my image, my interview, and I believe Trey himself (I’m not sure), sat down at the interviewie’s table (complete with coloring pages and crayons) and began to take it all in.  I got to see some familiar friendly faces like Christina Miller Madden and Theresa Sciulli and observed the entire DVE morning show doing their thing and settled in to pray and get ready to be “on.”

I was ready, nose blown, zipper up (even for radio), gum out, water nearby and prayed up.  I then noticed Randy (the host) freaking out.  They were short on time, he couldn’t get a hold of the producer who was over by me (ready to bring me over) and talking with some folks (not me) to tell him to hurry and help things move along.  I watched Randy mouth an expletive as  his frustration grew.  I felt bad for yet was sympathetically amused at his frustration (it was nice to not be the person in the pinch for once).  I sat down as Mike Prisuta did the sports (Randy frantically telling him to cut it short) and finally it began.  I was as calm as you could ever imagine.  It went like this.  When it was over, Scott Blasey of The Clarks sang “What a Wonderful World” and then it happened.  Billy Gardell was the guest they spoke of and he got on and said (paraphrased), “I was just listening and was so moved by this story.  The faith and strength that that family has is incredible.  I would like to make a $2,000 contribution to CHP.”  I absolutely love Billy Gardell, his comedy, his acting, his story and simply his overall personality (not to be weird or anything).  For him to have heard me, be moved by me, and respond is/was such a blessing.

Afterwords the time was just as incredible.  I got to speak with each personality from the show and thank them personally.  Each one responded in their own way, engaging in great conversation.  They told me how I did a great job (which is always nice even if I excuse away a lot of it) and I had the opportunity to just be there in the moment.

This Tuesday they referenced the radiothon and wrapped up Billy’s giving and the impact of everyone.  They then thanked their producer for putting together this wrap up.  I went from two years ago, looking down and feeling left out to now being overwhelmed at how blessed I was.

God knows my (and your) needs, and will meet them through many different places and people.  I am very thankful that He has used many of you to meet those needs in my/our life through these times.

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