All Trey, All the Time


I stood there on the beach, looking at Joe, Bella, and Rachel.  It was last year and our first vacation as a family after Trey had passed.  Joe was right next to Rachel, then a space, and then Bella.  It was a very subtle reminder that something (someone) was missing....

A Monday List

 I wanted to make a post entirely about how our society seems to really take celebrity deaths hard. I, obviously, decided against it as I wasn't sure of my theories as to why and doubting my observance of them being taken "so seriously." One of my theories is that we...

This AND That

 So for the first time ever (I believe) my latest post resulted in zero comments.  None on the website, none on social media, zip, nada, ninguno, nadia.  For a moment I thought that it was just a crapper of a post but then I realized something.  I kind of really...

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