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I needed to get a post out today.  I needed (wanted) to see my dad today.  Why not combine both?  A Jay and Tom list.

  1.  My dad’s favorite place to fish is Kearn’s Lake in Southern Ontario.
  2.  He said it was the best Walleye and Pike fishing ever (I’ve never heard him speak of it before).
  3.  His favorite beach is in Hawaii…though not Wailea (for which he named his boat) but Maui.
  4.   My favorite place to fish is either Ramsey lake in Northern Ontario or Wholey’s.
  5.   My favorite beach would have to be Ocracoke…beautiful and no one there.
  6.   Dad’s best steak ever was, believe it or not, cooked on an island on the Allegheny river.
  7.   I asked him if they took the boat and who was there.
  8.   He said that they did take the boat and that everyone was there.
  9.   I explained that I wasn’t there.
  10.   He clarified, “Everyone but you.”
  11.   My best steak was at Janko’s Little Zagreb in Bloomington IN.  I cried when it was gone.
  12.   His favorite vehicle was a 1950’s Mustang hard top.
  13.   We’ve hit a snag in this process…he’s currently not available.
  14.   I believe that advertising and revenue streams cloud the objectivity of media.
  15.   I have no signature dish, I just like to cook a lot.
  16.   I always say that your relationship/marriage is meant to be very good.
  17.   If it isn’t, that should be your goal.  Ok, good, better than most, is not good enough.
  18.   I have decided to take that same attitude/goal with my health/fitness.
  19.   Granted, I am in “good” shape, my diet is “better than most.”
  20.   Sigh…I mean, I’m excited!
  21.   My dad’s worst job was working on the union railroad.
  22.   He said it was very physical and dirty.
  23.   His best job was (predictably) Systems Engineer for Westinghouse.
  24.   His favorite show now is NCIS.  Huh??????
  25.   His favorite all time is Johnny Carson.
  26.   My favorite show right now is Blacklist.
  27.   My favorite all time would have to be either Amazing Race or Lost.
  28.   At times when I come into his room he’s watching soap operas.
  29.   I hope I never get indifferent to tv.
  30.   I know that shouldn’t be my biggest concern and it’s not.
  31.   However, it’s a concern.
  32.   I turned off my dad’s oxygen so we could talk.
  33.   He’s now asleep…you’re welcome dad.
  34.   Granted he only uses the oxygen when he sleeps.  Yet, turning it on would wake him.  Hmmm.
  35.   He’s awake, his favorite 10 years of life was the 1970’s.
  36.   His reasons, marriage/kids/job.
  37.   Mine so far would be my last 10…always.
  38.   His favorite golf course was some course in Oahu, he doesn’t remember the name.
  39.   Mine is clearly Teeth of the Dog in La Romana, Dominican Republic.
  40.   His favorite food to prepare would be char-coaled leg of lamb.
  41.   Favorite pet of all time is…………….Pal-Pal (our family dog from the 70’s).
  42.   He clarified that Pal-Pal was the best family pet, his personal favorite was Chippy.
  43.   Chippy was his crappy little white bite monster rodent dog.  (shocker – it bit me)
  44.   My favorite dog?  Hmm, my dog Buddy (he was my very mentally challenged dog in 9th grade).
  45.   On the other hand Dr. Knowledge was a great pooch too.
  46.   Little known fact, my dad was at the very first Super Bowl.
  47.   Well known fact, he will not be at this years Super Bowl.
  48.   Dad’s staff here is outstanding.  He loves them, they love him.
  49.   Though the jet red haired nurse at Forbes will always be his favorite.
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