What's in a Memory?

Trey always loved Kennywood. When we weren’t there he talked about it. He would spend many hours watching rides of roller coasters on the computer but always came away from them talking about Kennywood. There are many people who share precious memories of being with Trey at Kennywood.

Coming Home

THE HEIST WAS ON! However, I needed an accomplice.

Enter Becky Fenoglietto! 

Offend Me

Offend me. I guarantee you, it can’t be done. Go ahead. Tell me that I’m short. Laugh at how I’ve won 1 playoff game in 25 years of coaching. Look at my car and tell me your grandmother drives a cooler car.

Times Change?

I just wish it broke my heart more. I don’t ever want to forget that little lonely girl on the playground. She has been through far worse in life and in social circles since then. I am so proud of her and who she is. I just have to remember that she’s always my sweet angel girl.

“Be kind.  Everyone you meet today is battling something.”

What Happened to the Individual?

Jussie Smollett is a liberal gay activist who wanted to besmirch people that support President Trump. The left wants to destroy America. Before that, Jussie Smollett was attacked by two white MAGA hat wearing racists who hate lgbtq people. The right wants to destroy...

In Times of Chaos

The Penn Hills community is in a state of chaos. The report came out and detailed the financial situation that the school district is in. There were recommendations and a scathing analysis. What was not there was any legal actions for those responsible. This has added...

Penn Hills Proud

***The event mentioned below has been rescheduled for Tuesday March 5th at Linton beginning at 7pm.*** This may shock you (sarcasm intended if you know me). I am proud of being a lifelong (minus about 6 years) resident of Penn Hills. You may say that I'm just loyal to...

Faith Community Church

Jay Mitlo is the youngest son of Thomas and Betty Ann Mitlo. Jay is a 1989 graduate of Penn Hills High School in Pittsburgh, PA and 1993 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. He has over 20 years of ministry experience and education. He has been on staff as the Metro Director for YoungLife in Pittsburgh (teen outreach ministry), Executive Pastor of Rolling Hills Church, and now is the Pastor at Faith Community Church in Penn Hills. Jay spent some time training with the Center for Relational Care out of Austin Texas. It was there were he learned about Emotional/Relational needs, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and most of all…comfort. This revolutionized his ministry, teaching, and life… Read More

All About Trey

Challenging Myself

I learned how to golf when I was 12.  I started playing volleyball at the age of 14.  I didn't learn how to play tennis until high school.  Those are the last things (activities) that I have learned how to do.  Nothing new or challenging since then.  That is, until...

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