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“Love Someone.”  That’s what the sign says in front of our church.  The reason?  Well, I think that’s what we are supposed to do.  Granted, and in full disclosure, I wanted (knowing it would only go over well with a small minority of people) it to actually say, “Love Someone…nerd.”  This was based on a scene from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs that my family uses as a tagline.  If I were to be completely honest, I’d really like it to say, “Shut up and love someone.”

You see, life is short.  It is fragile.  It has sudden twists and turns that leave you upside down if you’re lucky and six feet under if you’re not.  Yes, I have a child who has been diagnosed as “terminal.”  Yes, we all are (terminal).  His window is most likely much smaller than most.  When Tony Evans was speaking at Promise Keepers in Three Rivers stadium 82 years ago (0k, it only feels that way.  I believe it was actually the summer of ’97) he said, “Many of you want to live for yourself and commit your life to Christ when you’re old.  The problem is, you have no idea how old you are.  If you are 60 and are going to live to 90 then you are not that old.  However, if you are 21 but you’re going to die at 22…you’re old my man.”  We just don’t know.

Locally, we have had three unrelated events in the past 10 days that have rocked the world of many in our community.  There was a drug deal that ended in murder.  Then, an accidental shooting that ended in a death.  Lastly, we just had a sudden death of a recent high school grad (2013).  We are not unique in that.  It doesn’t have to be the tragic events of Franklin Regional, Newton, Boston, or even 9/11.  Everyday things happen in our immediate world that leave us hurting.  Sometimes it’s just for a moment.  Other times it renders us never the same again.  Most often it’s somewhere in between.  No matter how you look at it, life brings you things you don’t want, unannounced, when you are ill equipped, and hits you hard.

Now, I get it.  As some would say, “I’m in the soup.”  My world has been upside down since Trey’s diagnosis.  I could/would argue that in fact it was already upside down before that with other things that were going on.  Granted, it got flipped again that day (real bad) but nonetheless it was already not a very steady boat on calm seas (metaphors all over the place now).  Some of my original posts touched on this with the tire shop post and we all have stories one as well.  Yet this one is different.  I don’t just want you to give people slack or realize that we are all going through tough times to whatever degree.  I want you to do something.

Yep, I want you to love someone.  Intentionally.  Make it a point of emphasis today and every day.  Actually, every moment of every day should be your goal.  As I scream and yell at Joe and Bella to love each other (contradicdtoral hypocrisy intended and noted) I continue to look at myself as well.  I think, “Would Rachel really like me to pull her pants down (or even pretend to) in front of the kids or at all for that matter?  Probably not.”  Thus, I don’t do that.  “Does Bella like it when I tease her about…well,  anything?  No.”  Thus I don’t tease her anymore.  However, it’s not just about not doing…it’s about doing.  I am trying to constantly think of ways to make someone else’s life better.  I am no angel and I have a long way to go but I’m getting better at it.

That’s why my church sign says, “Love Someone.”  The fact that I wanted it to also say “nerd” and/or “shut up and” shows you I’m not quite there…yet.

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