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Sometimes it’s just good to focus on the positive.  Sometimes that’s hard.  Sometime’s it really pays off to look for the good…in the bad.  Maybe it’s a discipline that the more you do it the better you’ll be at it.  Well, sometimes is always and maybe is for sure.  So, here are some things I appreciate…both good and bad.

  1.  My house where I’ve lived for almost 18 years.
  2.  My family.
  3.  My church.
  4.  My credit score (yes, the tv is on and there’s a credit commercial on).
  5.  My tv.
  6.  That I get to do what I love for a living.
  7.  That I have been quite healthy since I found out that my thyroid wasn’t working.
  8.  That I am able to control my diet.
  9.  That I have many different friends from MANY different backgrounds.
  10.  That my wife is my best friend.
  11.  That my kids are funny.
  12.  That my kids are smart.
  13.  That my kids are gifted in many different ways.
  14.  That we survived the death of Trey and we’re ok.
  15.  That we were blessed in so many different ways during (and after) the Trey days.
  16.  Television shows that take my mind off of life.
  17.  Golf, skiing, table tennis, and other activities that I love (yes, I haven’t skied in years).
  18.  So many great family vacations, both as a child and now as a parent.
  19.  Our honeymoon and subsequent trip to Jamaica with Rachel, such great times.
  20.  Being used my God to love others.
  21.  Steak.
  22.  Wings.
  23.  That I’ve never been on Dr. Phil (tv still on).
  24.  Comedians (good ones).
  25.  Taglines (phrases from movies, tv, skits, life that one shares with someone else over time).
  26.  Cooking.
  27.  Providing for my family.
  28.  Learning about emotional needs and how to meet them.
  29.  Seeing how those I’ve cared for/loved/ministered to have gone on to amazing lives.
  30.  Being emotionally spent and full of despair, thus learning faith and hope.
  31.  Being reminded of how good God is.
  32.  Being lost in worship and just being in the moment with God.
  33.  When people are impacted by a sermon, especially when it’s not in an intended way.
  34.  Great memories of playing sports.
  35.  Great failures that taught me lessons.
  36.  The darkest moments of my life which have helped me understand/love/comfort others.
  37.  The fact that I have been surrounded by amazing people with many gifts.
  38.  That my community, while not perfect, is tough and committed to loving each other.
  39.  For the opportunity to coach, compete, WIN…and lose (with dignity).
  40.  The ability that social media presents to influence and be blessed by many.
  41.  Having experienced difficult financial times which has enabled me to learn contentment.
  42.  Sunny days where all seems well.
  43.  Rainy days where all seems cozy.
  44.  Memories from childhood of family and laughter.
  45.  Memories from childhood of being alone and doing the most creative things.
  46.  Scratches and scrapes from hard work.
  47.  Watching the success of others without being jealous.
  48.  Seeing how amazingly differently gifted we all are…all of us.
  49.  The ocean.
  50.  The stars in all their glory when not mired by city lights.
  51.  Brand new socks.
  52.  Old jeans.
  53.  The people in my life that I don’t see often but love every minute I spend with them.
  54.  Favorite movies shared by others.
  55.  The privilege it is when people trust me with their feelings/emotions.
  56.  Being able to marry people after teaching them how to love each other.
  57.  Loving someone who never sees it coming.
  58.  Laughing until you can’t breathe.
  59.  Crying with and for someone.
  60.  Realizing how small we really are and yet how impactful  we can be.
  61.  Remembering someone’s name.
  62.  That anyone reads my posts.
  63.  Than anyone reads my posts and tells me that it has helped them.
  64.  When I preach and feel lead to say something other than I’d planned.
  65.  My beaten up, scratched, quite flawed old lady car.
  66.  Crossfit and everything it (and more so the people there) have done for Rachel.
  67.  Kennywood, Disney, Bush Gardens, Idlewild etc. that have given my family great memories.
  68.  The men who have been my friends over and through the years.
  69.  The women who have been my friends over and through the years.
  70.  DVR’s.
  71.  That I live in city with great professional sports teams and many championships.
  72.  Teachers who left a lasting impact on my life.
  73.  Teachers who did not, thus emphasizing the importance of influence and opportunity.
  74.  The wisdom that lies within the often neglected older folks in our generation.
  75.  Being a parent.
  76.  This computer, which was given to me.
  77.  Not needing to end things on a multiple of 5, 10, or 25.
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