Love and Support

Did you really believe there was a threat?  Perhaps were you sending a message?  Were you trying to make a point?  Your laughing and smirking, and videotaping of our fans (concerned moms, mind you) tells me that you were.  Now, you want a cookie for sending the armed guard home?  Message received, loud and clear.

Rise Above

Then, we noticed three men in attendance.  Two in Connellsville blue shirts and an armed guard. 

Know Who You Are

Who are you?  What are your fears about you?  Do you run from them?  Do you own them?  I’m not saying that you don’t strive to be better but rather realize that you are a work in progress. 

At the End of the Day

Look at our world today.  SO divided.  Beyond that, so divided and having no problems alienating those who just might see and/or believe things different than us.  Our opinions matter more than our relationships.  Outrage left love and compassion far behind.  Tolerance is a verbal weapon and not nearly a true reality.  Open mindedness is a theory far compromised by confirmation bias.  The security of the keyboard emboldens the negative while abandoning the positive.  Where is love?

“Be kind.  Everyone you meet today is battling something.”

Love and Support

Last night was our senior night for the Penn Hills Girls Volleyball Team.  There were over 200 people in attendance.  Between games two and three there was a serving game open to the public to win prizes.  I turned and look and saw something amazing.  Joy.  There were...

Rise Above

I have coached volleyball for over 20 years.  Joe once said to me, "Dad, if you're such a good coach, why don't you win more?"  Out of the mouth of babes huh?  As it is, beyond teaching the sport, I love having the opportunity to teach about life.  I have had that...

Know Who You Are

I have coached volleyball for 24 years.  I have coached good teams, great teams, bad teams, really bad teams, and many in the middle.  This years team (girls) is different than most.  They are as enjoyable a bunch of young girls that I have ever coached.  Also, they...

Faith Community Church

Jay Mitlo is the youngest son of Thomas and Betty Ann Mitlo. Jay is a 1989 graduate of Penn Hills High School in Pittsburgh, PA and 1993 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. He has over 20 years of ministry experience and education. He has been on staff as the Metro Director for YoungLife in Pittsburgh (teen outreach ministry), Executive Pastor of Rolling Hills Church, and now is the Pastor at Faith Community Church in Penn Hills. Jay spent some time training with the Center for Relational Care out of Austin Texas. It was there were he learned about Emotional/Relational needs, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and most of all…comfort. This revolutionized his ministry, teaching, and life… Read More

All About Trey

Challenging Myself

I learned how to golf when I was 12.  I started playing volleyball at the age of 14.  I didn't learn how to play tennis until high school.  Those are the last things (activities) that I have learned how to do.  Nothing new or challenging since then.  That is, until...

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